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Let's Help All Shaker Students Get Involved

Beyond the Desk:

A Class of 2015

Legacy Project

Housed in the Shaker Schools Foundation, Beyond the Desk was created to enable socioeconomically disadvantaged students do more in Shaker Heights High School. Donations will ensure five scholarships are available to students each year for them to take time off from work to join a club or other co-curricular activity at the high school.


A program like this could be the pilot for a much larger program that other school districts  in Northeast Ohio could begin. Designed to ensure everyone can participate, Beyond the Desk will bring opportunity where students thought there was none.wil 


If you want to help Shaker Students grow in an inclusive environment, you can donate here to enable students to access opportunites.

An incredibly diverse and vibrant school district, Shaker strives to nurture all students. Why shouldn't every student be able to participate? 

A program designed to enable socioeconomically disadvantaged Shaker students to participate in extra curriculars at parity and raise the standard of Shaker students’ success across the board.

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